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Bill Platts

Great Site and extremely helpful in assisting me to identify tokens.

21st October, 2017

John Aitken

Please include your e-mail address if you would like me to reply to you! There is no way for me to reply otherwise!

17th October, 2017

John Muir

John, the Ayrshire Masonic Events token is available for 2018, please contact me on if you want one. There is also another token becoming available next week that you'll no doubt be interested in.

13th October, 2017

John Clarke Young Milloy

I am looking to buy a Mark Penny for my mother Lodge 1167 Thistle and Crown and one for my father (deceased) Wlliam Robertson Milloy's Lodge126 London Road Kilmarnock. Can you help me locate them. Many thanks

11th October, 2017

Colin mckay

Hi I am looking to purchase the set of burns enamel token and don't know where to buy them ? Colin mckay 1730

10th September, 2017

Cameron heath

Hello I have a token that I think use would be interested in so please email me at

9th September, 2017


Great Website!